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Thoughts by St Theophan

The full app name would be: Thoughts for Each Day of the Year According to the Daily Church Readings from the Word of God By St. Theophan the Recluse. Quite long, but very descriptive.

Displays St Theophan‘s short contemplation on the daily readings from the Holy Scriptures. Very handy to have in your pocket and steal some moment of the day for a small dosage of spiritual nurishment.

The texts are included, so no internet connection is required.

Since version 1.1 you can share these precious thoughts with your friends, via Email, text message, Facebook or whatever you have on your device.

Purchase from the Android Market

  1. ivus permalink

    Очень хочу попробовать Ваши программи, но у меня нет Гугл плей, попробовал штрих-код скан, но тоже ничего не вышло…
    У меня Андроид 2.2 и должно с успехом инсталировать, но не могу скачать.
    Извините за мой плохой русский язык.

  2. Gabriel permalink

    It seems this is no longer available. How can I get this?

  3. It no longer exists! Help”

  4. The app has been removed from the Play Store by Google. I have no details about this, and I don’t know whether it would be allowed to be published there again.

  5. Can you offer it as a direct download? If so, can you email me a link please?

  6. Could you post a direct download here? Can you also maybe offer it on the Amazon Android store? If so, can you let me know, please?

    • Sorry for all this delay. I’m working on transferring the ownership of the app, so it depends on a few more people at this moment. I will write on this site an explanation about this issue, once all is done. Thank you for your care and support!

  7. Дубовицкий Михаил permalink

    Полезная программа, но есть два замечания:
    Во–первых хотелось бы, чтобы цитата,которая указывается вначале была расшифрована ( чтобы прочитать текст Писания, на который. дается толкование и второе: желательно общее оглавление

    • eir permalink

      You are right Father. The app was removed from the store due to copyright violations, and I’m not sure if it will be available again, I have transferred the rights to the owner of the translation. Only the version in Russian is available. I will change the link.

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