Fuzzy Watchfaces for Sony SmartWatch2 update

I published an update of the Fuzzy Watchfaces app for Sony SmartWatch2, which features a typo in the German Watchface, and adds a new language – Macedonian. These Watchfaces are my favourite, and the ones I most often use on my watch.

I was unpleasantly surprised to see the Sony SmartWatch2 app missing from Google’s Play Store (if you need it, you can download it from Sony’s site)… That just speaks of the abandonment of this platform by Sony itself.

SmartWatch2 is the best smart watch I’ve used, and also the best smart watch platform, in my opinion.

Thus, this is a sad development of events. I assume the reason are the new policies enforced by Google:

  1. The Play Store requires all new updates to target at least Android 8.0, while
  2. Android 8.0 is more restrictive towards background processes, and hinders the SmartWatch apps from functioning properly.

Therefore, there will be no updates to the SmartWatch apps, as I won’t be able to publish a functional version on the Play Store.

That said, if you happen to be a user of the Fuzzy Watchfaces app, and face any issues with the latest update, write me an email and I will provide you with an APK, which is unacceptable on the Play Store, but it’s perfectly functional on all Android devices.

Digital Watch Faces for your SmartWatch 2

Because you have to be cool with your SmartWatch 2 when going out 🙂

Five faces in total, two of those don’t occupy the full screen, leaving you plenty of space for widgets. The other faces are just meant to make your SmartWatch 2 even fancier than it already is.

Digital Watch Faces Digital Watch Faces Digital Watch Faces Digital Watch Faces Digital Watch Faces

Get the app from the Google Play store:
Get the app from Google Play!

Fuzzy clock for SmartWatch 2

First for the Sony SmartWatch 2: fuzzy clock (fuzzy as in fuzzy logic)! The difference between a fuzzy clock and a textual clock is that while the textual clock just translates the hours and the minutes to text, the fuzzy clock translates time into a more colloquial form. For example, a textual clock would read 15:47 as “Fifteen forty-seven”, while a fuzzy clock for the same time would say: “Quarter to four”.

These watch-faces don’t occupy the full screen of your SmartWatch, giving you the space to place other widgets and clocks on the screen.

Here are the five fuzzy clock watch faces available in the app, and the link to the app itself is at the very bottom.

Fuzzy clock Fuzzy clock Fuzzy clock Fuzzy clock Fuzzy clock

Get the app from the Google Play store now:
Get the app from Google Play!