Transfer of contacts using Corporate Contacts

The novelty of version 1.5 of the Corporate Contacts app is the import of contacts. The import is done from a vcf (vCard) file. Exporting to that same format was available since the first version of the app. What is unique about this feature is that all the data set and used by the Corporate Contacts app is being preserved during the export-import process, so the groups you set, locations, organizations etc. will not be lost.

This comes really handy if you’re not syncing all your contacts through Google, and you want to transfer all, or part of your contacts from one to another device. Essential, when you get a new phone, since the Android phone manufacturers rarely, or never, use the same contacts’ sync mechanism.

The process consists of three steps:

  1. Export some, or all of your contacts, by selecting them (via the “Multiselect” option in the context menu) and choosing “Share”
  2. Share as a single vCard. You can, for example, send yourself that file by bluetooth, email…
  3. Save the file on your new device, and import it via the Corporate Contacts app.

And you’re done 🙂 Your contacts have been transferred without being shared with the world.

The MEGA NEWS – Corporate Contacts application

Corporate Contacts is a contacts management application, providing the essential address-book management that Android lacks.

Organize your contacts into groups, organizations, positions and locations. Browse your address book and easily find related contacts.

Group SMS and e-mail sending, group editing of contacts.


Key features:

  • Organize contacts in groups.
  • Browse the address book by groups, organizations, positions and locations.
  • Context filters by an additional criteria.
  • Contextual search.
  • Group SMS and E-mail sending, using templates to add a personal touch to the messages.
  • Fine-grain selection of addresses and phone numbers when sending group SMS and E-mail.
  • Twelve nice skins.

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Corporate Contacts demonstration
[youtube yFWiCEsmAy4]