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Orthodox Christian Calendar

 for iOS

The Orthodox Christian Calendar is available for several different platforms, and in several different languages:

  1. Orthodox Calendar for Android devices (RU, EN, GR, ZH, FR)
  2. Orthodox Calendar for iPhone / iPad (RU, EN, GR)
  3. Orthodox Calendar for Windows Phone (RU)
  4. Orthodox Calendar for Sony SmartWatch (RU, EN, GR)
  5. Orthodox Calendar for Nokia phones (obsolete) (RU, EN, GR)
  6. Orthodox Calendar for BlackBerry devices (obsolete) (RU, EN, GR)BlackBerry 10 runs Android apps, so the Android versions are available for these devices
  7. Orthodox Calendar for BlackBerry Playbook (obsolete) (RU, EN, GR)
  1. Marion yapuncich permalink

    Please could you how it access the menu for the new/old calendar and prologue. I only see the calendar page with the date buttons at the bottom. Thank you.

    • eir permalink

      If you’re using Android, please upgrade the app to v.4.1.

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