Obsolete, as the Orthodox Calendar app in Russian, now includes all the icons and lives of saints.

Full Menologion of the Saints of the Orthodox Church. In Russian.

It’s an upgrade of the Orthodox Calendar app, in the sense that it contains all the icons and lives of saints (or feasts descriptions), a total of 3.290 texts and over 2.000 icons. Like the Orthodox Calendar app, this one too does not require Internet connection to work, allowing you to read your daily spiritual nourishment at any place and at any time.

It contains notes about the periods of the liturgical year and the fasting dates, but you are warmly advised to not rely only on those notes, but to rather speak to your priest about fasting details.


The app uses contents from the renowned portal, as well as from the “From Pascha to Pascha” calendar by the St Maximus the Greek fund.

A short video from the app, running on an iPad, while it was still in development.

Another video of a the app, when it was still in development, this time running on an Android phone.

The app is free, get it today!

Orthodox Menologion, free at Google Play!

Orthodox Menologion for iPhone, free on the App Store!

Orthodox Menologion for iPad, free on the App Store!

Orthodox Menologion, free at the Windows Phone Marketplace

Orthodox Menologion, free at BlackBerry World!

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  1. Здравствуйте!
    Возможно ли получить данное чудо-приложение не через магазины а файлом?
    Так как сейчас новые модели китайских смартфонов идут без Google Play

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