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News and Updates

Apr 26 23


by eir

The iOS version of the Russian Orthodox Calendar app has been updated to include reminders for the next day.

With this addition, the functionality of the iOS version of this app is finally on par with the Android version.

Download v.5.0 for free from:календарь-православной-церкви/id578156705

Sep 1 22

Main screen widget

by eir

The main screen widget, which was actually the very beginning of the Orthodox Calendar app on Android, is finally available for iOS devices. Currently, only for the Russian version of the app.русский-православный-календарь/id578156705?platform=iphone

Aug 21 22

Orthodox Calendar of iOS updated

by eir

The Orthodox Calendar app for iOS devices has been updated, after a long while, on the App Store. At this moment the update just ensures the app runs on the current iOS devices.

A further update is planned, with new functionality.

Apr 29 20

The Orthodox Calendar in English is available (again) on the Play Store

by eir

Christ is Risen!

I’m very happy to announce that the Orthodox Christian Calendar for Android devices is available for free download from Google’s Play Store, again. It was erroneously suspended by Google, thus there was no chance for restoring the old store listing, with all the reviews, comments, history, etc.

This also means that you will need to remove the old version of the app before installing the new one (it’s not a problem to have them both installed, but you might get confused opening the old version by mistake).

But, the calendar is back online, updated and fixed to work with the newest Android versions. Here’s what’s new in version 4.1:

  • Notifications: the app can remind you (at a time you choose) about tomorrows feasts and saints.
  • Menu button on the main screen – this was a long requested feature, since the menu button was removed from the newer versions of Android.
  • Widget display is now consistent throughout all sorts of devices and screen formats and sizes.
  • The external links have been updated.

Download it for free:

And please rate it.

Oct 17 19

English version of the Orthodox Calendar app removed from the Play Store by Google

by eir

Google determined that the English version of the Orthodox Calendar app for Android was a spam-app, and suspended it from the Play Store. I filed a complaint, but as an answer I only got excuses stating that the process is done and there is nothing more I can do. If I want to put the same app in the Play Store again, I will need to submit it under a different name.

That is a sad development of events, as the app is no spam-app, it was available in the Play Store for full 8 years, it had very good reviews, and was used by a lot of people (my access to the app statistics has been disabled as well, so I can’t provide you the actual values). Furthermore, the app makes no data usage, it doesn’t connect to the Internet, neither it has access to the device storage, so there is absolutely no privacy concern related.

The app will remain available in other app stores, like the Yandex Store, as well as for side loading, from here:

Oct 9 19

Fuzzy Watchfaces for Sony SmartWatch2 update

by eir

I published an update of the Fuzzy Watchfaces app for Sony SmartWatch2, which features a typo in the German Watchface, and adds a new language – Macedonian. These Watchfaces are my favourite, and the ones I most often use on my watch.

I was unpleasantly surprised to see the Sony SmartWatch2 app missing from Google’s Play Store (if you need it, you can download it from Sony’s site)… That just speaks of the abandonment of this platform by Sony itself.

SmartWatch2 is the best smart watch I’ve used, and also the best smart watch platform, in my opinion.

Thus, this is a sad development of events. I assume the reason are the new policies enforced by Google:

  1. The Play Store requires all new updates to target at least Android 8.0, while
  2. Android 8.0 is more restrictive towards background processes, and hinders the SmartWatch apps from functioning properly.

Therefore, there will be no updates to the SmartWatch apps, as I won’t be able to publish a functional version on the Play Store.

That said, if you happen to be a user of the Fuzzy Watchfaces app, and face any issues with the latest update, write me an email and I will provide you with an APK, which is unacceptable on the Play Store, but it’s perfectly functional on all Android devices.

Oct 5 19

End of support for Garmin Connect IQ apps

by eir

I have to announce the end of support for the Garmin Connect IQ apps I have developed. The overall user experience has proved to be not pleasing. The main reason for this is the way the Garmin watches communicate with the phone. In order to save energy and increase battery life, the Bluetooth communication between the Garmin watches and the Garmin host app on the phone is reduced to a pretty low frequency. That is enough for simple data exchange, but this proves to be overall insufficient for the type of apps I develop, where it is expected that this Bluetooth communication is instantaneous. With a little patience, this all works out well in general, but it seems that on many devices it takes more time waiting for the connection to be established than the actual operation that should be taking place. Since there is nothing I can do to improve this behaviour, I made the decision to remove my apps from the store.

Here’s a reminder how this could work fine.

Sep 8 18

iOS and dialing companion apps removed from the App Store

by eir

Unfortunately, I had to remove my iOS Companion app for Garmin Connect IQ and Pebble from the Apple App Store. The reason are the recent changes in the iOS system that pose additional restrictions to dialing apps, by requiring that the requested number dialing is confirmed by tapping on the phone screen, which defies the sole purpose for the existence of these dialing apps that I had developed.

The restrictions were neither present nor announced at the time I developed and published my apps on the App Store, thus I could not have been aware that my apps would be rendered useless due to some new iOS modifications.

Apart from that, I experienced attempts to block the development of companion apps for Garmin devices. The mere existence of the Garmin API in the app was a reason for my apps to be rejected from the App Store. That was also something new for me, which hindered me to publish any updates. The reason for the rejection was:

We were required to install Garmin Connect Mobile before we could use your app. Apps should be able to run on launch, without requiring additional apps to be installed.

The reason for the rejection is contrary to the developer documentation for the Garmin Connect IQ API, and renders this whole chapter useless:

I addressed Garmin at many levels, and they were not able to help me with this issue.

Apr 26 18

Minor fix for the Email Writer for Sony SmartWatch app

by eir

Since there was a change in Google’s system of authentication, if your Email Writer for Sony SmartWatch app starts malfunctioning, just reinstall it, and make sure to allow the permissions, as shown on this screen.

Feb 20 17

iOS Companion app for Garmin Connect IQ dialing apps

by eir

Here’s an iOS companion app for few of my dialing apps for Garmin Connect IQ watches.

A brief demonstration:

Dialing Hub for Garmin Connect IQ