Update of the Patericon App

The app previously named „Древний патерик“ (Ancient Patericon) has been updated and renamed to „Патерики“ (Patericons) as it now includes not only the Ancient Patericon, but also the Sketian Patericon and the book “Spiritual Meadow”. The full contents of these precious books is included.

The app is updated to support the latest Android versions, and more importantly, the latest Google Play Store requirements.

The other Patericon apps, „Скитский патерик“ , „Луг духовний“ (and the English version “Spiritual Meadow”) are still available on the Play Store, but they won’t be updated and thus, they will not be available to newer Android devices, due to the updated Play Store policy, which requires regular update of the apps.

Download the app for free:


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