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News and Updates

Feb 15 14

Fast Dialer app update

by eir


After a longer period, the Fast Dialer app has been updated with some new features and minor fixes.

The main new feature is the possibility to directly dial a number, send an SMS or add to contacts the clipboard contents. So you can copy a number from anywhere in your phone, from the Internet etc. and then use it directly in Fast Dialer, just long press on the number entry field, and you’ll be presented the options.

The other small but crucial update is the support for Android 4.4.

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Dec 4 13

More languages for the SMS Composer app!

by eir

Two important updates have been made to the SMS Composer app in it’s latest version 5.8; the first is the addition of new languages with spelling suggestions support. Those are:

  • Portuguese
  • Greek
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Slovenian

That makes the number of available spelling suggestion languages amount to ten.

The other novelty is the option to turn off the spelling suggestions generally, in the app’s settings. And that is useful in case the app performs slowly on your device. Just turn of the spelling suggestions and you get a huge performance boost.


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Dec 2 13

Russian, French and German spelling suggestions

by eir

The new v.5.7 of the SMS Composer app adds spelling suggestions for a few more languages: Russian, French and German.

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Nov 17 13

Sony SmartWatch and BlackBerry 10

by eir

Not so long ago, I got an amazing Z10 from Marmalade (thanks to them once again), and it’s such nice hardware and OS, I’m using it as my main device ever since. One of the things I missed, however, was my SmartWatch, which works only with Android devices.

However, not much was needed for it to be able to work with BlackBerry 10’s Android player, main thing was Bluetooth. Thus, I was really excited when I heard the announcement that the next version of BB10 would include Bluetooth support. And when I found a leaked version of that OS, it only took some repackaging and simple tweaks to get the SmartWatch connected to the phone.

Here’s a video demo, which uses some of my apps: the Dialer, SMS Composer and Sound Meter.

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Not everything works, as there are still some BlackBerry limitations on its Android player, but if Sony and BlackBerry fancy this combination, all that can be overcame very easily.

Nov 8 13


by eir

The SMS Composer now includes spelling suggestions for Itailan, as well as an emoticons keyboard.

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Oct 24 13

Spelling suggestions for all

by eir

Glad to announce that spelling suggestions for the SMS Composer app are available for all phone models, since v.5.0 of the app. At the moment, the spelling suggestions are available only for the English language, but more languages are on their way!

The SMS Composer has also been updated to work faster and better on the new SmartWatch2.

See the SMS Composer with the spelling suggestions in action:

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Oct 11 13

The Sound Meter for Sony’s Smart Accessories

by eir

Here’s my latest app for Sony’s Smart Accessories, the Sound Meter.

It works with these products:

  1. SmartWatch2
  2. SmartWatch
  3. Wireless Headset Pro

Sony have announced a few more Wireless Headsets which are said to support Android – if so, they should also be running my apps without problems.

So, the Sound Meter uses your phone’s microphone to determine how loud your environment is. It’s possible that the measured values would not be the same as those of a professional equipment for sound measurement, but what the app offers is still very handy.

Check out the app today on the market: Sound Meter for SmartWatch

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Oct 8 13

The overlooked app

by eir

It’s perhaps the app I use the most on my SmartWatch, but it has not been so popular among the other SmartWatch owners.

The Log is a simple app that displays the history of calls and SMS communication. It allows you to see the call details (exact and relative time, and call duration), and to call back. Very, very useful on the wrist.

Now, the SmartWatch 2 portion of the app has been updated to handle incoming SMS (text messages) notifications, thus offering alternative to the default Messaging extension for the SmartWatch.

The main advantage of the LOG over the default app is the possibility to display the SMS messages in whole, and to directly reply with an SMS – in case you also use the SMS Composer app.

Here’s a short video (in forever alone style ;-)) that demonstrates these cool new features:

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Check out the app today on the market: Log for SmartWatch

Oct 5 13

E-mail Writer for Sony SmartWatch

by eir

Write and send Email messages from the Sony SmartWatch on your wrist!

* Uses GMail only, and requires the sender account to be set-up on your phone / tablet.
* Before using the app, select the account through which the E-mails will be sent, and allow the requested permissions
* The recepients are the contacts in your address-book(s).

Type the message directly, or choose from the templates which you can define in the app settings. Use codes such as %name, which will be replaced with the recipient’s name upon sending 😉

Step 1.A: Write the message

Swipe RIGHT to input SPACE
Swipe UP to enter CAPS
Swipe DOWN to switch between keyboards.

When done writing, LONG TAP the blue area to confirm the message contents.
(On SmartWatch 2, you can also press "Menu" and then "Choose recipient")

Step 1.B: Choose from a template
LONG TAP the "Use predefined message?"
(On SmartWatch 2, you can also press "Menu" and then "Select template")

= Template list mode =
Swipe UP and DOWN to find the template you want to use.
LONG TAP the template to preview it (i.e. switch to Template preview mode)
LONG TAP the blue area on the left to directly select the template, without previewing.
Swipe LEFT to switch to Template preview mode

= Template preview mode =
Swipe UP and DOWN to find the template you want to use.
LONG TAP the blue area with the text "Use this one" to select the template.
LONG TAP on the gray area with the text "Cancel" to return to Step 1.A
Swipe RIGHT to switch to Template list mode
(On SmartWatch 2, you can also use the menu button)

Step 2: Select the recipient from your contact list

Swipe LEFT: to delete the last typed number or character
Swipe RIGHT: to delete all
Swipe UP / DOWN: to switch to T9 search
Swipe UP / DOWN: to list through the search results in T9 mode

LONG TAP on the green area to confirm the selection / input.
(On SmartWatch 2, you can also press "Menu" and then "Send message")

Here’s a short demo of all that in action:

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Get the app from Google Play!

Oct 2 13

Reader for Sony SmartWatch 2

by eir

The brand new Sony SmartWatch 2 is quite an impressive improvement since the previous model, which was already great by itself.

The new APIs and functionality give inspiration for a lot of things, like for example this simple Reader app. The demo below illustrates the app nicely.

Note that the app currently supports only .txt files, and the location of those files is set in the preferences.

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