Fast Dialer app update


After a longer period, the Fast Dialer app has been updated with some new features and minor fixes.

The main new feature is the possibility to directly dial a number, send an SMS or add to contacts the clipboard contents. So you can copy a number from anywhere in your phone, from the Internet etc. and then use it directly in Fast Dialer, just long press on the number entry field, and you’ll be presented the options.

The other small but crucial update is the support for Android 4.4.

Get the app from Google Play!

4 thoughts on “Fast Dialer app update”

  1. I have installed this app in my Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 but it is not working with Sony Bluetooth headset SBH52. The headset does not show fast dial nos which are set in the cellphone in your app.

    1. Dear Dr Khan,

      the Sony SBH52 does not support the apps that the older model (Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headset Pro) supports, so that is the reason you don’t see any menu option “apps” at all. I don’t understand the decision by Sony, it’s a pity, I have several apps for that type of devices, and I personally am keen on using them frequently.

  2. Same with me, not working with sony sbh 52 and galaxy tab 3. All additional app has been installed but no menu to speed dial from sbh52

    1. Donny, sorry for the late reply. As I posted in a comment above, the SBH52 does not support apps, only notifications.

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