Хотел представить небольшую статистику использования и популярности различных приложениях православного календаря для Андроид. Мог бы дать субъективное заключение что из-за этого что программа Eir3 Apps установлена на двойном количестве устройств чем прочих, так как и количество голосования наибольшее – она может быть названа самая популярная программа Православного Календаря для Андроид. Но, в любом случае, это только нынешнее состояние, которое можно быт изменено в будущем. Увидим.

Version 2.0 of the Orthodox Calendar apps

I am happy to announce the version 2.0 of the Russian and English version of the Orthodox Calendar for Android. (The update of the Greek version is still to come, expect its release in the near future!)

What is new?

First and most important – it includes the full calendar of saints and feasts! As there were some complaints that feasts that are celebrated in certain places were missing, I decided to include all saints.

An interesting novelty is the possibility to go to a paschal-related-date, both in the future and in the past. That makes it very easy to check when will the next Pascha be, or when will the next Lent begin…

The English version of the app offers the option to choose which calendar style to use – the new (Gregorian) or the old (Julian) one.

The English and Greek versions of the Orthodox Calendar made free

Christ has risen!

Glad to announce that through the generosity of some pious Orthodox Christians Orthodox Christians, all versions of the Orthodox Calendar apps (including all languages and all platforms) have been made free! Not only they will remain free, but you can expect some updates as well!

I could also promise (if God allows) expanding the number supported platforms 😉

Mention in your prayers the benefactors: Vladimir, Vladimir, Tatiana, Viachelsav and the reposed Ivan.

Fast Dialer v.3.3.0

Latest version of Eir Fast Dialer is 3.3.0. It offers tighter integration with the Corporate Contacts app, so that now you can:

Fast Dialer v.3.3.0 Corporate Contacts integration

  • Edit contact’s groups
  • Add organization and position to a contact
  • Add location (city and country) to a contact
  • Send a contact as text (previously it was only possible as vCard)

All this directly from Fast Dialer – provided that you have installed the Corporate Contacts app! Note that you can use the free version and all these features will work – just try long tapping a contact.

Also, I added some 8 new patriotic themes! Check them out and vote – on the right side, on this site.

Программа Православный Календарь сейчас бесплатна

Щедротами благочестивых Православных Христиан, все русскоязычные версии программы Православный Календарь сейчас бесплатны! Выберите свою версию!

Android: https://market.android.com/details?id=eir.synaxarion.ru

BlackBerry: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/75850/?lang=en

Windows Phone 7: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/7c13e582-3d16-46cc-b412-909d9d1188e1

С праздником Сретения Господня!

The good news

My apps are under my account on the Android Market, Fast Dialer, as well as the Thoughts of St Theophan. Concerning the later, I made a free version of it, which has some limitations, like not being able to share the text, nor to move the app to the SD card. But, all the texts are available. And if you want to say “thanks”, spare a buck for the full version 🙂

Check my account here: Eir3 Apps

A bug in the Android dialer makes an international call by mistake

Android robot logo.
Image via Wikipedia

While doing some tests with the stock dialer of my LG GT540 I discovered that it could easily make an international call by mistake. How? Lets say I have a friend in Belgium, his name is Peter, and his number is +32 123 4567 and that’s how I have it stored on my phone. Now, if I have another friend, let his name be Andrew, who lives in my hometown, I have his number saved as: 1234567. (Yes, ridiculous numbers, but just to be easier to follow.)

Now, the bug: when I want to call Andrew, I find his name in the contacts list and press the button to call him, but the dialer starts an international call to Belgium, and says I’m dialing Peter, showing also the number: +32 123 4567!

How can this be? It’s a stupid bug. Pity LG left it in. It seems very unlikely that someone has contacts with numbers, similar as in this example, but the bug exists.

Normally, when you press the call button, you are sure you dialed the number that you just saw, and very likely, you immediately put your phone next to your ear. You’d be surprised when you hear who’s answering 🙂

My LG GT540 still runs on Android 1.6, I’m wondering if the same thing exists in the 2.1?

Is this happening also on your Android phones?

UPDATE: The problem is reported to exist on other devices as well.