Version 2.0 of the Orthodox Calendar apps

I am happy to announce the version 2.0 of the Russian and English version of the Orthodox Calendar for Android. (The update of the Greek version is still to come, expect its release in the near future!)

What is new?

First and most important – it includes the full calendar of saints and feasts! As there were some complaints that feasts that are celebrated in certain places were missing, I decided to include all saints.

An interesting novelty is the possibility to go to a paschal-related-date, both in the future and in the past. That makes it very easy to check when will the next Pascha be, or when will the next Lent begin…

The English version of the app offers the option to choose which calendar style to use – the new (Gregorian) or the old (Julian) one.

2 thoughts on “Version 2.0 of the Orthodox Calendar apps”

  1. It’s a tremendeous job what you’ve done, The only thing I want to know from you is if you could make an Romanian version of it. I could provide you the calendar with the Romanian saints, in outlook format and with diacritics, or otherwise if I could help you working on it however you think it could happen, because it’s the most beautiful calendar i’ve seen so far, and with the ability of seeing the sinaxar icons in it, and a widget on the screen. Plain wonderful. God bless you.

    1. Hi Ioan, thank you for the good words. I’m very glad you like the app. Yes, it’s possible to make a version in Romanian, someone already wrote to me about this. The only problem is that I don’t have much time at this moment, but I would say in soon time we could be in touch to start such a version!

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