Sony SmartWatch and BlackBerry 10

Not so long ago, I got an amazing Z10 from Marmalade (thanks to them once again), and it’s such nice hardware and OS, I’m using it as my main device ever since. One of the things I missed, however, was my SmartWatch, which works only with Android devices.

However, not much was needed for it to be able to work with BlackBerry 10’s Android player, main thing was Bluetooth. Thus, I was really excited when I heard the announcement that the next version of BB10 would include Bluetooth support. And when I found a leaked version of that OS, it only took some repackaging and simple tweaks to get the SmartWatch connected to the phone.

Here’s a video demo, which uses some of my apps: the Dialer, SMS Composer and Sound Meter.

[youtube CqxXBn8KRDo]

Not everything works, as there are still some BlackBerry limitations on its Android player, but if Sony and BlackBerry fancy this combination, all that can be overcame very easily.

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