What is your favourite Fast Dialer theme?

Here’s the new version which includes several significant features. First, the optimization of the app’s operation – it now loads and works faster.

Second – themes. Long awaited, at last implemented. Eight new, nice themes. And still, the app weights ~350k, much less than the competitive apps (at least the ones I’ve heard of). Use the poll on the right side to vote for your favourite.

And the third thing I find important are the images for the different phone types. The labels are small, and it takes a moment to read them. With the images its faster and easier to comprehend which number you received a call from, or which number you’d dial when pressing the call button.

With all these fancy stuff, maybe I should rename the app to Nice dialer 🙂

Just one note: have in mind that the size and the colour of the letters on the dialpad can be changed for all themes equally. Also, the red digits’ background in the “Ms Claire” theme means that the “wildcard mode” search is on (and that is available in all themes too).

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