Are you experienced?

As not so rarely, not many people were so thrilled with the thing I was – the senior display mode. They requested at least numbers on the keypad. So, here you are: the newest version 2.3.0 of Fast Dialer has four different display modes: normal, dominant (as in dominant second language), senior and junior (as senior + numbers).


Other novelties in this release:

  • The long time requested “Sort by family name” – available only on Froyo (and above) devices. Well, android is improving, sorting by family name in 2.2, who knows what sophisticated feature will be available next.
  • Redial. Pressing the hard “Call” key when nothing is typed makes a call to the last dialed number.
  • Preferred phone number by type (for Eclair and above devices, the older have a default number by default)
  • Inverse action – tap on the contact name to make a call, tap in the right corner to open the contact details. People claimed that this would be very useful when “on the go”, so here they are. I don’t agree and stick to the default.
  • Configurable length of the keypad tones.

Enjoy. Here’s a song to go with the Junior display mode:
[youtube w2ci4WAD2zo]

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    1. Registration was introduced for easier distribution of the app. Now you can download it from this page, and pay via Yandex Dengi – for many people that turned out to be the better choice.

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