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Ever wondered how fast you were travelling, on a boat, in a bus or a taxi, or while riding your bike, but had no means at hand to find out? I often did. That’s why I felt the need of the Speedometer / Compass app for Sony’s Smart Extras – the SmartWatch and the Smart Wireless Headset Pro.

It’s an app that uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to read the current speed and direction of movement. Displayed are: the speed, clock, run-time, maximal speed reached, distance passed, phone battery status and the direction of movement.

You need to point SmartWatch / Smart Wireless Headset Pro towards the direction of movement in order to correctly read the compass indication, i.e. the green arrow that points towards North.

[youtube oYPMBmy1nwg]
v.2.0 SmartWatch2 widgets; Bug-fixes.
v.1.2 Works on SmartWatch 2; Bug-fix.
v.1.1 Bug-fix. Smooth text.

Get the app from Google Play!

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