Speed Dial (Fast Dialer ext.)

According to Wikipedia:

Speed dial is a function available on many telephone systems allowing the user to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys. This function is particularly useful for phone users who dial certain numbers on a regular basis.

The Speed Dial extension of the Fast Dialer app, for Sony’s SmartWatch and Wireless Headset Pro does exactly that.

Note: This app requires that the Fast Dialer application is installed on your device, and through it the speed dial numbers are set. For speed dialing without the Fast Dialer app, check out the Speed Dial (Standalone).

On the SmartWatch: long tap to initiate a call.

On the Smart Wireless headset pro: choose the number (using the “Next” / “Volume up” and “Previous” / “Volume down” keys) and press the “Action” or the “Play” key.

Here’s a short video to see the app in action.

[youtube ijh5EOTTR-w]

The app is free, get it today from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eir.dialer3.extension.speeddial

v.3: Support for sony’s wireless headset pro!
v.2: Customizable digits’ color; Support for the free version of Fast Dialer; Fixed bug causing distorted display on some phone models
v.1: Initial

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