Sound Meter

The Sound Meter uses your phone’s microphone to determine how loud your environment is. It’s possible that the measured values would not be the same as those of a professional equipment for sound measurement, but what the app offers is still very handy.

It works with these products:

  1. Sony SmartWatch2
  2. Sony SmartWatch
  3. Sony Wireless Headset Pro

Sony have announced a few more Wireless Headsets which are said to support Android – if so, they should also be running this (and a few other of my apps) without problems.

Check out the app today on the market: Sound Meter for SmartWatch

Below is a short video demo of the Sound Meter in action.

[youtube t2KMJpct7Q0]

v.1.5: Calibration option; bug-fix.

5 thoughts on “Sound Meter”

    1. I will look into this, and there will be a fix! I also plan to add the possibility to calibrate the meter. In soon time!

  1. I bought this extension for smart watch, but something wrong…
    It does not appear on my watches. I checked the list of installed applications on my Android device, program installed but launch button is absent.
    Please help me : )
    p.s. version Android 2.3.6

    1. I’m pretty sure that is due to the ‘corrupt data problem’ of the Sony SmartConnect (LiveWare Manager) app. Especially the old version, for Android older than v.4 seems to be not so well maintained.

      What does the trick for me in such cases, is to uninstall the SmartConnect (LiveWare Manager) app, together with the SmartWatch app. Next time the SmartWatch is connected to the phone, both apps will be installed automatically. All other SmartWatch app will remain installed and configured.

      Here’s Sony’s explanation of the problem, and what they suggest should be done in case it occurs (what they suggest is more complicated than what I’m saying, so I’d say follow my advice first, and in case it does not work – for me it always has – follow the instructions of Sony):

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