SMS Composer

Write and send SMS from your Sony SmartWatch.

Compose message using a 9-key keyboard. Send to an existing contact in your address book, or directly input the recipient’s number.

Type the message directly, or choose from your 12 SMS message templates .

Templates are the same as predefined messages, they are something more. Templates means that you can use codes such as %name in your predefined message, and upon sending that code will be replaced with the recipient’s name.

The codes are available in two languages, English and Russian. The full list of codes and their meanings is:
%name (or %имя) – will be replaced with the full name of the contact, %given (or ) – the given (first) name, %mid (or %п) for the middle name, %family (or %фам) – the family (last) name, %pre () – name’s prefix and %suf (%суф) – name’s suffix.

It’s up to you to be creative with the templates 🙂

Following are the updated instructions for use.

Templates list mode

Templates preview mode


Step 1.A: Write the message

Swipe RIGHT to input SPACE
Swipe UP to enter CAPS
Swipe DOWN to switch between keyboards.

When done writing, LONG TAP the blue area to confirm the message contents.

Step 1.B: Choose from a template
LONG TAP the “Use predefined message?”

= Template list mode =
Swipe UP and DOWN to find the template you want to use.
LONG TAP the template to preview it (i.e. switch to Template preview mode)
LONG TAP the blue area on the left to directly select the template, without previewing.
Swipe LEFT to switch to Template preview mode

= Template preview mode =
Swipe UP and DOWN to find the template you want to use.
LONG TAP the blue area with the text “Use this one” to select the template.
LONG TAP on the gray area with the text “Cancel” to return to Step 1.A
Swipe RIGHT to switch to Template list mode

Step 2: Select the recipient from your contact list, or directly enter the number

Swipe LEFT: to delete the last typed number or character
Swipe RIGHT: to delete all
Swipe UP / DOWN: to switch to T9 search
Swipe UP / DOWN: to list through the search results in T9 mode

LONG TAP on the green area to confirm the selection / input.

[youtube 9_IoDnMFOXg]

Get the app from Google Play!

v.5.8: Spelling suggestions for Portugese, Greek, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian; option to turn spelling suggestions off (for better performance).
v.5.7: Spelling suggestions for Russian, French and German.
v.5.6: Bug-fixes; optimization.
v.5.5: Italian spelling suggestions; emoticons keyboard.
v.5.4: Bug-fix for the SmartWatch 2 problems when switching screens.
v.5.3: New template keys: %last_call – last incoming call number, %last_sms_num – last received sms number and %last_sms_text – last received sms text; bug-fix.
v.5.2: Option for delivery reports.
v.5.1: Bug-fix; removed unneccessary permissions
v.5.0: Spelling suggestions for all phone models (at the moment only for English, more languages are on their way); tweaks to make the app faster on SmartWatch2; typing cursor; text input method modified for the SmartWatch2.
v.4.2: Integration with the Log app.
v.4.1: Bug-fix.
v.4.0: Support for SmartWatch2; “Message sent” notification.
v.3.2: Fix for the resending the message multiple times (occurred on several devices only).
v.3.1: Bug-fix.
v.3.0: Spelling suggestions; save sent messages in the default SMS app.
v.2.0: Message templates.
v.1.5: Smooth text.
v.1.4: Larger buttons for easier typing.
v.1.3: Separate Settings for Latin-based languages.
v.1.2: Fix for the missing ending characters in Greek, Hebrew and Arabic.
v.1.1: Added missing special char.

10 thoughts on “SMS Composer”

  1. Hi. I just bought your sms messaging app for my sony smartwatch 2 and it is really really slow. I was just wondering if you are optimising it for my watch at some point or should i find another app. Its great by the way other than the slow response time per button press.

    Kind regards
    Lee Armstrong

    1. Hi Lee,

      it’s slow due to the SmartWatch2 firmware which is still buggy, since it’s new. I have written to Sony about this, and I expect that they will fix that problem in soon time.

      In meantime I’m also working on some new features for that app, so hopefully, before not long you will have an updated and snappy app.

      Thanks for writing. Best regards,

      UPDATE: check out the new version:

  2. I bought in may june your application sms composer for smartwatch 1… it was ok, was working perfectly… after automatically done update with the new version doesn’t work. smarth watch doesn’t see the application… I need previous version that worked. thanks

    1. Hi Darius,

      the problem is not the new version, but the corrupted data of the host application. Check the suggestions of Sony for addressing this issue:

      I personally, would just say, make sure you update your host application (that is either LiveWare Manager or SmartConnect), that should fix the problem.

  3. Hi and thanks for the great app for SW2! I really dont understand that Sony doesnt provide an app like this on their firmware but thank you for making this app!

    Your app is sometimes slow and unresponsive. Hopefully it gets better =) Is it even possible to get this app open immediately you get a sms and wants to reply back? Or do I need to check the sms at first (sony extension) and then go to your app to write the message? Then I need to somehow remember the number if it is not in my adressbook :/

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ville,

      glad you like the app! Great question, also. You’ll need to install another app of mine – SMS Reader / Log for SmartWatch ( in order to be able to receive the SMS and be notified of it, and read it in whole, and reply right away. Check out this video for demonstration:

      Note that these two apps work together, and reading & replying to SMS would not be possible with one of these apps only.


  4. Having some trouble with writing out a message as well as finding a contact to message.


    1. Could you please be a bit more specific, so that I can provide you the correct solution? Thanks.

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