Reader for the SmartWatch 2

The brand new Sony SmartWatch 2 is quite an impressive improvement since the previous model, which was already great by itself.

The new APIs and functionality give inspiration for a lot of things, like for example this simple Reader app. The demo below illustrates the app nicely.

Note that the app currently supports only .txt files, and the location of those files is set in the preferences.

[youtube nepOpKBz5zY]

Get the app from Google Play!

2 thoughts on “Reader for the SmartWatch 2”

  1. It’s difficult to make change a localisation of catalog for txt files. Still is as default sdcard, that is any possibility to change f.ex. to sdcard/books/txt. Button “make a default” doesn’t work… My sw2 is paired with asus padfone2

    1. I’m relying on the “make default” button, it is supposed to work fine, have not heard of any problems with it, until now. Could you check if you have problems setting it to a location in the local memory?

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