Orthodox Calendar for Nokia devices (obsolete)

Nokia phoneThe Orthodox Calendar for Nokia mobile phones includes the full calendar of saints, and it does not require internet connection, so it will work when you find yourself without internet connection, on the Holy Mount of Athos, or the Mount Sinai, for example.

Fasting rules are also displayed, but you are kindly asked not too rely too much on them, they are accurate of course, but you should consult your priest for details.Ορθόδοξο ημερολόγιο για Nokia Православный Календарь для Symbian

Apart from that, the app includes links to an online calendar, with lifes of the saints, services, icons and daily readings, and a link to the official typikon for the services of the Russian Orthodox Church (for the Russian version) and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (for the Greek version).

The application is free of charge, it comes in three different versions, download your copy today:

– Fixed web browser: http://store.nokia.com/content/287133
– Nokia mobile browser: http://store.ovi.mobi/content/287133

– Fixed web browser: http://store.nokia.com/content/313401
– Nokia mobile browser: http://store.ovi.mobi/content/313401

– Fixed web browser: http://store.nokia.com/content/313375
– Nokia mobile browser: http://store.ovi.mobi/content/313375

2 thoughts on “Orthodox Calendar for Nokia devices (obsolete)”

  1. Hello there,
    Seems this is a very helpful calendar, great!
    Do you foresee in a near future to make a bulgarian version of this application?

    1. That is possible, although I don’t have a fixed plan. In any case, for such thing I would need some help from Bulgarians, so if you want, you can write me an email at eir3apps at gmail, so that we stay in touch.

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