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Orthodox Calendar for BlackBerry phones (obsolete)

Orthodox Calendar application for BlackBerry smartphones. Compatible models are most of the phones with OS version 4.6 or above.

The BlackBerry version of the calendar includes the full calendar of saints, which makes it distinguishable, in addition to the fact that it doesn’t require internet connection. On a BlackBerry this may seem irrelevant, but one might find himself without internet connection even on a BlackBerry device, while on roaming or on places such as the Holy Mount of Athos, or the Mount Sinai.

Apart from that, the app includes links to an online calendar, with lifes of the saints, services, icons and daily readings, and a link to the official typikon for the services of the Russian Orthodox Church, or the Prologue of Ohird.

Two versions currently exist. One that is fully in Russian language and follows the old (i.e. Julian) calendar, and another which is in English and can display both the old and the new calendar!

Fasting rules are also displayed, but you are kindly asked not too rely too much on them, they are accurate of course, but you should consult your priest for details.

Download the apps from BlackBerry App World:

Options screen for the English version of the app

The menu of the English version of the app

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  1. Andre permalink

    Believe it or not, I prefer a Blackberry instead of an iPhone!

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