Fast Dialer

A multi-language Dialer for Android 1.5 + devices.

Find and dial the contact you want in just a few clicks, regardless of which Alphabet the name is written with – Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic…

The app searches through the contacts by name or number, using two different alphabets at the same time, for example English and Russian.

All Latin-based European languages are supported by default.

Available Alphabets:

  • Greek,
  • Cyrillic – Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Macedonian
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic

Highly customizable with number of selected themes.


Extended description of the features and a User manual

See the available themes

Check the latest version


From the Android Market

20 thoughts on “Fast Dialer”

  1. Hi,

    new version of Fast dialer require corporate contacs to work. Without corporate contact when you click on menu (key) dialer crashes. Android version 2.3.6.


    1. Sorry, that was a bug, was fixed in less than a day. The newest version of Fast Dialer (3.2.8) works fine.

      Corporate Contacts is not required for Fast Dialer to work, and the other way around. They do integrate well, however, and if you are using both apps, you’ll see the benefits of that integration.

  2. Hi, tnks for you good work!
    Please, make reset the missed incoming call !! it’s very misinformed – icon of missed calls need to remove manually…

    Добрый день! Спасибо за вашу прекрасную программу!
    Пожалуйста, сделайте автоматически сброс “пропущенного звонка”, как в “родной звонилке”. Значок “пропущенный” продолжает висеть, пока не зайдешь “в ручную” в родную звонилку.

    1. Unfortunately, that functionality has been limited by Android. It works fine on versions lower than Android 2.3, but on the newer – not. All the third-party dialer apps are having the same problem due to this limitation.

  3. I’ve recently upgraded my phone and copied the fast dialer apk across but I’m being asked for a registration key. Can I locate this on my old phone?

    1. Hi Mike,

      if you purchased the Fast Dialer from Google’s Play Store, then just download the app from there. Otherwise contact me by mail, and I will give you instructions how to get a key for your new phone. Thanks.

  4. Lost settings and speedial settings from the menu option button that there was in the previous versions. No hardware button for some devices for this option so not possible at all! It also crashes too often now! The version that i am using is 3.6.0, is there any way to go back to 3.5.6 which was working perfectly?

    1. Hi Taso,

      the menu button is located in the bottom right corner, it’s marked with three dots, don’t you see that on your device?

      About the crashes, you’re the first one to report any problem, if you could send me some more details (when does it crash, what are you trying to do when it crashes, does it display any message?) I will look into it. Also send an error report to Google Play store, that helps me a lot to locate the problem.

    1. You can try different themes, but the buttons are roughly the same size. It’s very strange to me that the buttons are small for you. Could you please send me a screenshot of that? Thanks.

      1. Ok, but later. On the words: it is car device, screen size: 1024×600, and buttons looks as less of half high (<300) and around 1/3 – 1/4 of 1024.
        Another problem (not only your dialer), it doesn't see the contacts 🙁
        I was very happy when found your dialer and installed on phone, but with car 🙁

          1. 1) Yes right, but how activate this mode?
            2) I checked account several times – it is correct. But as I said it is problem not only your dialer, I tried a few and all of them had the same problem :(. Only native shows contacts :(.

          2. 1) That mode is activated, I saw the image you sent. It seems the app doesn’t understand the resolution of your device, and that is not hard to fix. But, I’m puzzled by nr 2) I’m puzzled why the contacts are not showing, having in mind that the correct accounts are selected.

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