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Corporate Contacts

The full version on Google Play

Corporate Contacts is a contacts management application, providing the essential address-book management that Android lacks.

Organize your contacts into groups, organizations, positions and locations. Browse your address book and easily find related contacts.

Group SMS and e-mail sending, group editing of contacts.


Key features:

  • Organize contacts in groups.
  • Browse the address book by groups, organizations, positions and locations.
  • Mass editing of contacts.
  • Context filters by an additional criteria.
  • Contextual search.
  • Group SMS and E-mail sending, using templates to add a personal touch to the messages.
  • Fine-grain selection of addresses and phone numbers when sending group SMS and E-mail.
  • TwelveTwenty!!! nice skins.

Localization – translate the app in your language:

Download the app from Google Play:

Full version:

Free version (ad-supported and with limitations):

Corporate Contacts demonstration

YouTube Direkt

  1. neal permalink

    I purchased corporate contacts several months ago. I had to reset my android. I reinstalled corporate contacts, and it is requiring a registration key. I do not know what my registration key is/was.


    • Hi Neal, there are two versions of that app, one of which is free, and therefore displays ads and has certain limitations. You obviously purchased the paid version from the Google Play store, so you just need to download it again, it will not require any registration keys, it’ll just work. Here’s the link: Let me know if all is fine. Thanks!

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