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Fuzzy Watchfaces for Android Wear

by eir on April 5th, 2016

My first Android Wear app, or Watchface bundle, to be precise. I’ve been told that other kind-of fuzzy watchfaces do exist for Android Wear, but they’re not as beautiful as this app 😉

Check it out!
device-2016-03-30-230918 device-2016-03-30-231433

device-2016-03-30-231410 device-2016-03-30-231311

device-2016-03-30-231209 device-2016-03-30-231139

device-2016-03-30-231109 device-2016-03-30-231039

device-2016-03-30-230918 device-2016-03-30-231004

Get the app from the Google Play store:
Get the app from Google Play!

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