The overlooked app

It’s perhaps the app I use the most on my SmartWatch, but it has not been so popular among the other SmartWatch owners.

The Log is a simple app that displays the history of calls and SMS communication. It allows you to see the call details (exact and relative time, and call duration), and to call back. Very, very useful on the wrist.

Now, the SmartWatch 2 portion of the app has been updated to handle incoming SMS (text messages) notifications, thus offering alternative to the default Messaging extension for the SmartWatch.

The main advantage of the LOG over the default app is the possibility to display the SMS messages in whole, and to directly reply with an SMS – in case you also use the SMS Composer app.

Here’s a short video (in forever alone style ;-)) that demonstrates these cool new features:

[youtube XG7ZSYImlTA]

Check out the app today on the market: Log for SmartWatch

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