Skype out calls directly from the Fast Dialer

The Fast Dialer application has been known to be simple and useful, and people are finding new ways to make use of it, as shows the advice of Krakozawr who uses it to find his contacts and then choose whether to call, send sms, email, Skype message, or anything else that is available from the context menu of the contact.

But one thing that I was missing was the possibility to directly initiate a Skype out call. That turns out to be something I use quite a lot, and the use cases are really simple:

  1. You’re in “roaming” mode, you have internet access and Skype credit, or
  2. You’re at home, but calling abroad, and Skype is much cheaper.

If these scenarios look like the situations you find yourself in, check out the new version of Fast Dialer (3.5.0)!

Other novelties include extended options for the regulation of the dialing tones – since depending on the manufacturer and the phone model, the default volume settings may not be appropriate, so now you can choose what works best for you – as well as some minor fixes.

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