Russian Orthodox Calendar for Sony’s SmartWatch Extension

The Android platform is being used on an ever increasing number of different devices. One of the novelties is the Sony SmartWatch Extension, a wearable mini Android device. Well, if you happen to have it on your wrist to check the time, your mail, or twitter updates, it may come handy to take a look also at the feast of the day.

The Orthodox Calendar for SmartWatch displays the feast or the saint of the day, and on the second screen (reachable via tap on the screen) – the information about the week and the period, as well as the fasting rules of the day. This is available both in Control and Widget mode.

Also, by swiping left and right, one can browse through the days. Enough for the start, if there proves to be more interest, more could be added.

The app is in Russian only and follows the old (Julian) calendar.

Get the app for free here:

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