Attention to detail

Announcing the new version of the Thoughts for Each day of the Year app. It’s one of these updates that take a lot of time and effort, but only one line in the changelog: “Hyphenation correction”. As noted by Ilene Strizver:

The difference between “just okay” typography and professional-level typography is usually in the details – like hyphenation. Often overlooked, proper hyphenation is essential for optimum readability and getting your message across.

The automated hyphenation was not working properly – it made lots of mistakes, which resulted in not so good “gray” level of the text.

But now, a proper dictionary (mainly Merriam-Webster) has been used for the hyphenation, and the results are very obvious, at least for my eyes 🙂

Other than that, upon a suggestion by the Strannik, the app can be installed on the SD card, and free some of your device’s main memory, although the app is less than 600KB, i.e. not so demanding. Have in mind, however, that in case you move it on the SD card, you won’t be able to use the widget. And, of course, installing on SD card is possible since Android 2.2, but not in the earlier versions.

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