Check out these apps for the Pebble watch:

Speed Dial


3 thoughts on “Pebble”

  1. I bought and tested Speed Dial app by my iphone 8 plus today, it is out of my expectation so please kindly refund my money once you received my money, thanks.


    1. Derek, I am sorry, I cannot process refunds for Apple directly (as I can for Android), so please address your request to the App Store.

  2. Hi Eir!
    I am one of the last Pebble (Time Steel) Users und I just switched to a brand new SAMSUNG Note 10+ (Android 10) with Project Rebble.

    So far nearly everything works as expected – Pebble Tasker still works for gods sake, but Dialer for Pebble is not fully working so I really need Speed Dial for Pebble instead!

    Well, your nice and simple “Speed Dial for Pebble”, which I gladly paid for twice by the way, unfortunately does not work as expected on Android 10. The companion App for Speed Dial has to be in the foreground with active display all the time in order to work with Pebble/Rebble. In the moment my Note 10+ is locked/on Standby or the companion App is in the background it does not work anymore!

    I think/hope your App just needs some extra permissions to work in the background at all? Can you maybe help to resolve the problem with a small hint? Thanks in advance for your help!

    Greetings from Vienna/Austria,

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