Pebble Speed Dial app for iOS

Announcing the iOS companion app for my Pebble SpeedDial app. Until now, only Android Pebble users were able to make use of this tiny, but effective, Pebble app.

One might ask “why develop for Pebble, isn’t Pebble an obsolete device?” Well, Pebble watches are not produced any more, but there are quite a bit that are still in use. Pebble does not offer support for them, but I don’t expect them to simply fall apart. They will last for a little while more, for sure. I’ve seen reports claiming that once Pebble company is no more, the watch would have no functions due to some “gone servers”. That’s rubbish.


Enjoy your Pebble, now with this Speed Dialing for iOS.
Speed Dial is available on the Pebble appstore SpeedDial Pebble

One thought on “Pebble Speed Dial app for iOS”

  1. Hi, I have a Pebble Time Steel (which I love!). I also have a Canadian iTunes account with an active iTunes Match subscription which does not permit for me to change my iTunes store country/region without cancelling my subscription. I do not want to cancel the subscription. Is there another way or site that I can use to download this app?
    Thanks in advance!

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